"The health and safety of our members is the top priority for us. We are heeding CDC guidelines and protecting our members.  Our club is actively planning and training(individually). We will see everyone on the water as soon as this is all over..."  Stay strong!

We serve paddlers in Lincoln Park, IL through our partnership with Chicago Rowing Foundation from the Francis
Memmone Boathouses on the North Fork of the Chicago River near Goose Island.  Our goal is to bring paddling to water venues like Jackson Harbor (Southside) and Busse Lake (Westside). To make access simple and easy for those with disabilities, we partner with
Adaptive Adventures and the City of Chicago Office of the Mayor for People with Disabilities and the Shirley Ryan Abilities Center.

Our future.  Scouts, Class Outings, Youth Teams will develop the future generations to fall in love with human-powered watercraft.  Experiencing the Chicago culture, history and architecture from the Chicago River is breath-taking. We afford these special audiences access, safely, and with chaperons, guardians, teachers, or mentors present at all times.  We are working with the Chicago Park & Recreational District on future programs, too.

Looking for a team-building activity for your organization? Look no further than dragon boat paddling as human-powered water sports summarize building a cohesive team.  We support Asian-Pacific-Islander Employee Resource Groups (ERG) by providing the equipment, expertise, and access to help them build their program. Some are local programs, others are part of national programs where teams within the organization meet to compete for internal bragging rights on whose division, region or department is the fastest.

GCDBC serves Community, Corporate, Affinity and Educational teams by providing outstanding paddling instruction, ADBA-certified Steerspersons, and access to human-powered watersports.